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MFH3 Technology

At the center of the platform is the MFH3 head-end, which converts signals from a roof mounted satellite dish into video signal for delivery to DIRECTV IP-enabled receivers.

A single DIRECTV dish antenna can serve up to 1024 receiver per building, allowing every tenant to enjoy the most HD, and exclusive sports programming without the need for dishes to be mounted on individual balconies.

MFH3 Systems
  • Uses IP-based technology, and the building's existing CAT5, CAT3, coax and cable wiring
  • Capable of delivering DIRECTV, terrestrial TV broadcast signals, voice, and broadband data
  • Local Content Insertion feature provides property owners with a flexible, simple way to deliver local content tailored to residence needs
  • Compatible with all the newest "i" series DIRECTV® Receivers
  • Remote Network Monitoring: entire system can be monitored over secure VPN connection to ensure smooth operation
  • Ideal for pre-wired Ethernet network properties
  • Supports more than 1,000 receivers per system, with additional scalability to be added in future releases

MFH3 leverages all that DIRECTV has to offer.